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Why Youtube Ads Will Be Crucial In 2019 And Even After That


The web world is taking over all across and even businesses rely on various online platforms to have their presence in the market. Video marketing and advertising over the net has become really popular and demanded. YouTube ads have taken a crucial place in marketing campaigns of many businesses- be it small or large.

Importance of ads

So, in a way, YouTube ads have become and will be crucial in the times to come. An average employee checks his or her email about 20-30 times in an hour. An average user picks up his or her mobile phone over 1500 times in a week. Thus technology has taken over our lives but our attention span has reduced considerably. Even the average page visit just lasts less than even a minute and users leave the web pages in only 10-20 seconds of visiting. So when the users don’t get what they want, they leave immediately. This is why ads and videos have become so crucial, a big, useful tool in 2019 that helps in holding the attention of the users and engaging them in your products, converting them into customers.

Nowadays users are becoming responsive to ads on the social networks like YouTube etc. A study said that about 61 percent of the video viewers are happy to watch adverts. As per a report issues by Business Insider, the video ad revenue will go up to $5 billion this year. It was just $2.8 in the year 2013. The video ads have average click through rate of about 1.84% and this is higher than average for other things. With the video ads, companies can see good level of interaction with their products or services.

How to attract customers

As users have shorter attention span nowadays than compared to earlier times, content should be attention grabbing. Now people’s attention gets divided between different things. To catch the attention for duration of an ad or commercial is not a simple task anymore as it needs engaging content which is creative and entertaining to maintain the viewer’s focus. Video ads, interactive ads were influential in 2015 and these are just a few marketing trends which will take the command this year and in future. On the top, there will be latest types of advertising and marketing. While the industry is unpredictable, being up to date about modern trends is always crucial and necessary. This year, new hardware and software will cause wave of changes in the whole advertising and marketing industry.

Given the fact that users soak up all details and perspective online, it is crucial that your business has positive reputation on all online channels. Your site, web pages, landing pages, blogs, YouTube channels etc. should display promotional details and ads in an attractive manner so that more and more customers are attracted towards your business.

Indeed, YouTube and other types of video ads are really powerful. Advertising platforms such as YouTube, Facebook etc. offer explosive outlets for the marketers to take benefit of. So, with a lot to gain from YouTube ads, just make sure that you plan your marketing and advertising campaign in the right way.

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