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Want To Use Youtube Advertising? Here Are The Ways To Go Ahead


It has been seen that YouTube advertising is gaining a lot of popularity and demand these days. This is because of the many uses and benefits it has in store for the businesses. Because of great explosion of video advertising online, content marketing is taking a back seat. In a study, it was found that by the year 2017, videos will take up around 69 percent of the consumer traffic.

Also, videos convert really well and produce high percentage of sales from the site visitors. In another study, it was reported that 71 percent of online marketers say that videos convert better than other types of ads and content.

YouTube also serves to be the number 2 search engine after Google and gets more than 6 billion hours are viewed every month. This makes YouTube advertising all the more demanded and useful. If you advertise through this channel, you will definitely get a lot of visitors to your business.

In some cases, with the YouTube ads, you just pay a few cents for each view for in display and in stream ads. This is indeed a great bargain to generate brand awareness among customers and audiences. More so, you are not charged for the view till the time the viewer sees 30 seconds of video or finishes watching the video, whichever ends early.

You can further use YouTube ads to make real time interaction between the buyer and seller. In a way, videos can make this interaction real as it lets the sellers demonstrate about a product or service. For the brands which exist just online, YouTube advertising creates sure shot way to do real marketing.

You get free traffic from the YouTube ads. Each video that you create is actually treated like how Google treats websites. Thus your video gets viewed by the biggest search engine as per social engagement and key wording. This way, your video will also show up for the keywords on YouTube as well as Google.

Another benefit of using the YouTube ads is that it is mobile friendly. More than 50 percent of the YouTube videos are actually watched on mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets. These videos get shared on the social sites when people check their social media profiles.

Using YouTube ads, your customers can easily find you. Let’s face the truth, as it comes to explaining a concept, the way you speak naturally is always better than trying to promote it through writing or through promotional campaigns. Your customers will like your one-to-one interaction and they too go to YouTube when they wish to learn something or get explained on some concept, product or service.

YouTube ads and videos are easy to create as well as this makes them all the more useful for businesses. As you get involved in such advertising, you can easily purchase some equipment later on to make your videos and ads all the more useful. As for the start, all you need to have is a camera on your phone or even a nice webcam on your laptop.

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