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Using LinkedIn to Expand Your Social Media Efforts


While LinkedIn is known as a place where business people connect and network, by that very nature it is a social media marketing platform as well. A personal or business entity can use LinkedIn to promote itself as well as make connections with other business people in an attempt to broaden one’s network.

Aside from signing up and creating a profile on LinkedIn (which is of course the starting point) one of the most popular strategies is getting recommendations. A LinkedIn recommendation can be seen as social proof toward a brand’s value and popularity. If you or your company is recommended, that shines a huge positive light on your business. It’s also recommended that you have a number of recommendatiosn on your profile because the more you have can have a positive impact as far as how other business folk see you as a valued member.

In a similar respect to giving recommendations, you should strive to get recommendations too. Again, by receiving recommendations, you are in effect getting a positive vote about you and others will take notice. If you are viewed positively, you have a better chance of connecting with more people, developing stronger business ties, and if all goes well gaining more business too!

So, sigining up, adding as much info about your business, providing and hopefully receiving recommendations as well as joining groups and being active, if you follow these basic principles on LinkedIn then you have the best chance of marketing your business and reaping the rewards of your efforts.

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