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Tips For Marketing on LinkedIn


Before LinkedIn the usual way to network meant attending meetings, seminars, conferences, etc. While this still happens today, you are very limited in the number of people you can network with or contact. However, now with LinkedIn, you can network to technically millions of people, have access to a wider audience, and can do all of this from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

Not only can you attract new business through networking on LinkedIn but you can join groups of like-minded professionals and businesses and really take your company and income to the next level. Additionally, you can learn about new trends, stay abreast of hot topics, and discover what colleagues are doing to improve their business in today’s economic climate.

When creating a profile on LinkedIn, consider creating a personal profile and one for your company. Add some creativity when creating your profiles so that your audience is at least engaged and interested in what you have to say or offer. Don’t bore them! Also, keep it short and sweet, the vast majority of people reading your profile are busy business folks.

Be sure to emphasize your expertise by adding your resume and a detailed history of your work and personal experience that pertains to your business. Fill out all available sections to show you’re serious.

While LinkedIn is a fantastic online resource, don’t forget that networking offline is still very valuable and can provide you with a steady flow of contacts between the two. Add testimonials if you can, to build trust, and be sure you network with the right people as connections with “bad apples” can relfect negatively on you or your business.

Enjoy the power of LinkedIn and use it as a tool to further network, connect with business people, and highlight your brand.

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