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How Can You Generate Sales With Your Viral Ebook


Viral marketing is an effective way of promoting your products and services. It can extend its reach to thousands, even millions, of people who might be interested with your offer. This also entails huge cost savings as it does not require all your time and money to do what it has to do.

One way of applying this viral marketing technique is by producing a viral e-book. After you have come up with the topic you want your e-book to talk about and have chosen an attractive title, it is now time to think about the content of your e-book.

What are the things that you need to write on your e-book for you to achieve your goal? Remember, your aim is for your products to gain popularity and increase sales in the shortest time possible.

Different Ways to Generate Sales

There are several things that you can do for your viral e-book to generate sales for you.

Having affiliate links on your viral e-book will help you reach your goal of reaching as many people as possible. Yes, you can offer rebranding or customizing the affiliate links for free. However, you also have an option to charge a very minimal fee for customization rights.

If your rewards offering or commission for the affiliates are really desirable, these people would not mind paying a small amount in exchange for the huge incentives they will get if they become an affiliate. That is already one way for you to earn income just by releasing your e-book.

Writing a viral e-book about a topic that you know very well will help you gain respect from the readers. Once they realize that you are like an expert in your own field, they will build trust on you. If this happens, they are more likely to buy your products and services without any hesitations.

Of course, having your own product or service is the best way to generate more sales thru your e-book. The links that you add on your e-book should lead the readers to your own site where they can find more information about your products and services.

Leaving something to the reader’s curiosity is a good way to generate more income. Let us say you have an e-book that contains 101 ways in making money over the internet. This is the product you are selling for a fee. You can make your viral e-book discuss a few, like 10, of those tips that they can find in the full version, then neatly interject the link where they can find the full version and purchase it for a minimal fee.

Same goes when you are selling tangible products. You can make your viral e-book talk about the features and benefits of such products to entice the readers to buy. You may also want to include testimonials from other people who have purchased the product. Then include the link to your site where they can purchase the item.

Keeping in touch with your customers is also a plus. It doesn’t mean that once a customer already purchased your product that you have to stop from there. After-sales service adds more value to your product and credibility to you. Once these customers realize that you give them importance by constantly keeping in touch with them, they are more likely to buy again once you have new products to offer.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

For you to generate more sales, some precautionary measures need to be taken when writing your viral e-book.

Since you will be allowing rebranding or customization of the affiliate links included in your e-book, make sure that the links to be modified are still valid and still points to your site. There are some e-book compilers that allow you to do this for your protection. So better to scout for these software and use them in creating your viral e-book.

When you are promoting your product on your e-book, avoid including time-specific discounts and freebies. Remember, you do not have control as to whom and when your e-book will be passed on to. It may reach a person a year after the discount offer has passed. That will just make that potential customer mad and it will be a loss for you.

When producing a viral e-book with your links in there, make sure that your links would open in a new window instead of using the same browser. With that, you can make sure that the reader still goes on reading your e-book, at the same time, browsing the site where the link was pointed to.

These are just some suggestions on how to make your e-book really do its job for you. There are other ways that you can try. Always be creative and success will follow!

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