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Facebook Vs. YouTube Ads- Which One To Use For Best Video Marketing


Putting advertisements on social media sites and other popular channels is a great way to attract customers and make your business visible. Facebook and YouTube are the options to go with when you want to get customers through advertising. But which one to opt for is the biggest confusion. Let’s clear it out here. While YouTube has higher view rate as well as completion rate for videos, Facebook is always on the front when it comes to higher engagement.

Since last few years, the web world has been abuzz with all the talks about how Facebook is overtaking YouTube as far as video engagement and advertising is concerned. But what is surprising that even though there is much abuzz about Facebook, Google’s video giant has more than 1 billion users even now, people see millions of hours of videos every day and also the total number of video hours watches every month is up by almost 50%. Also, YouTube is still the second largest search engine giant in the world after Google.

Difference between the two- Facebook vs YouTube

So if you really want your videos or ads to get seen by people through search, then YouTube is the perfect place for it. Any content that you would like people to discover through natural search should be there in your YouTube Channel. While creating the ads make sure that titles, descriptions and tags are there with proper keywords so that people find your videos and ads when they search for specific products or services. This will make it easier for the people to find your ads and videos in YouTube as well as Google.
On the other hand, Facebook is also a great place for advertising. As for the beginners, social network makes it easy for the advertisers to basically target the specific consumers. But keep in mind that Facebook is not just good for advertising due to targeting it is even amazing due to the engagement factor it has.

Then, talking about the audience, it has been observed that people spend more time watching videos and ads on YouTube rather than on Facebook. You will be interested in knowing that Facebook desktop video views increased 38.5 percent year on year to about 491 million in 2014. On the other side, Google’s sites views were up by about just 4.8 percent to 831 million.

Moving ahead, YouTube and Facebook provide self serve tools however they work in different manners. Facebook tool provides fixed cost/1000 impressions as well as estimated impressions each day. While YouTube tells a brand to enter maximum it would pay for complete view. This way, YouTube estimates average cost for each view and the number of times views are there for each day.

Also, YouTube ads are distributed or sold as a complete package but with other media like in stream video ads, featured video listing and display ads whilst the Facebook’s tool offers ads through auctions. So, there is not much difference in the price between YouTube and Facebook ads.

Summing it up- which one is better

So, in all, who is winning the advertising or video marketing battle is a tough question. The fact is that both Facebook as well as YouTube are crucial parts of useful online video plan. You can use strengths of both the platforms in order to maximise effectiveness of your marketing strategy. Reach the prospects with YouTube and engage them on Facebook. This way, you will surely attract more and more customers.

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