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Creating The Best YouTube Ads: Knowing The Basics


Have you heard of the statement “a picture is worth a thousand words.” It is indeed true and same is the case with videos. As per Interactive Advertising Revenue Report, digital advertising’s revenue in 1st quarter of 2013 got up by 15.6 percent high than 1st quarter of the previous year. YouTube is in fact in top 3 search engines of the world. More and more people now like to search details about a product or service through YouTube and so it has surely the potential to be a superb marketing or advertising platform.

YouTube ads and popularity

Every stat that we see these days show that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine globally, has 66 percent reach of the web world and has 28.5 million users every month. And so when you add highly engaged and targeted audience to this, it makes complete sense that why more and more advertisers see the importance of YouTube ads as far as their branding strategies are concerned.

Trying your luck at creating a video ad which aims at dominating the social realm is great but creating a less ambitious one is more useful as you need to make it reach massive audience out there.

Basically, there are two main types of ads available. They are in stream and in display. Let’s see what they are:


It is the pre roll ad that starts before the user watches the main content. Users can choose to see or skip the ad which generally takes 5 seconds. You are charged only when the user watches the video till completion or for over 30 seconds.


This sort of an ad appears in YouTube in display or search. You get charged when the user clicks on to this ad for watching it.

Indeed both the ad types are useful. But the biggest question here is to know how to get users to actually opt into the content. The very first step is to know the mindset of the user on YouTube. The advert’s content need to be heartfelt, funny, emotional and should help the users to opt in. Having an extra promotional ad is not likely to engage the users and may create a sort of ill feeling. So, the ad needs to be highly engaging in its initial 5 seconds. So, this way, the view through rate impacts the cost per view and thus the best start to any video is crucial to have more users committing to watch. This will in turn help in driving more views for your set budget.

Advertise on YouTube Now

With a number of formats to select from, YouTube advertising serves as a playground for advertisers who are looking for some experiment with ads and to gain exposure in the untapped market. Where else can you even think of putting advertisement on other people’s videos? So, surely you have to make your ad right and crisp so that more and more users watch it while searching for their content.

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